Spring High School is allowing the Class of 2022 seniors to paint and personalize their own parking spot for the 2021-2022 school year. This activity is aimed at improving school pride, school culture and class camaraderie. This is also one of many fundraising campaigns for the Class of 2022. Funds raised will be used for senior events and activities for the class of 2022. Seniors ONLY The Process: *Please note: allotted parking spots will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis*

➔ Step 1: Purchase a parking permit from Mrs. Hernandez in Admin Office 524  from 8:00-3:00 pm. ◆ What you need: ● $35.00 Payment can be made by credit card ● Complete the vehicle authorization form with Mrs. Hernandez  PARKING STICKER LINK ● A COPY of your driver’s license ● A COPY of your insurance card ● A COPY of your vehicle registration form ◆ IMPORTANT-Your name must be on the insurance card.

➔ Step 2: Pay for your personalized parking spot through Revtrack at the link below: Parking Spot Payment

➔ Step 3: Submit your Reserved Painted Parking Spot Agreement to Dr. Nickerson via email with your design affixed to the Agreement for approval. Design must be submitted with Agreement!

◆ What you need:

● A signed copy of the Reserved Personalized Parking Spot Agreement (attached)

● A copy of the design for your parking spot MUST be drawn or copied, in color, on the attached form; we will keep this, so make a copy for yourself. Designs must be approved by Dr. Nickerson at gnickers@springisd.org. Once reviewed, you will receive an email letting you know if your design has been accepted or if any changes need to be made.

● The design may not exceed the parking space outline, and it must be school appropriate and follow guidelines attached.

● You must follow the approved design EXACTLY on painting day-NO CHANGES ALLOWED

➔ MANDATORY PAINT OPTIONS: Paint can only be water-based exterior latex; no spray, reflective or fluorescent permitted):

● You will provide your own paint (Consider sharing with others).

➔ Prohibited:

◆ No offensive language, pictures, or symbols

◆ No negative or rude language (BE NICE).

◆ No Double-Entendre’s (double meanings)

◆ You may use YOUR name. If you want to use a nickname it must be approved (a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name is NOT allowed).

◆ Prohibited items will be painted over at the discretion of the SHS Administration. Disciplinary action may be taken and you may forfeit your privilege to park on campus.

➔ Step 4: Painting Day!!

○ Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, AUGUST 2,3,4 5pm-8pm

■ Check-in with a SHS faculty member. You must have your paint approved at this time.

■ What you need: ○ Paint & supplies ○ Copy of your approved design-You MUST follow this design EXACTLY


❖ Water-based exterior paint ❖ Chalk to sketch design ❖ Paint brushes and/or rollers ❖ Paint pans or plastic containers for water, paint and brushes ❖ Blue painters tape (4 inches wide)❖ Stencil ❖ Plastic drop cloth to put under paint cans ❖ Broom to sweep spot before painting ❖ Old cloths or paper towels ❖ A bag for your trash ❖ Sunshade, sunscreen, umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, canopy tent ❖ Water, Snacks ❖ Lawn chairs, stool, a towel to sit on ❖ People to help




Senior Dues $30 

Senior Dues will cover the following items and events:

★ Official Senior Class T-shirt ★ Senior Breakfast at the Panoramic picture ★ Senior Breakfast at the Senior Sunrise ★ Monthly Birthday Recognition for seniors ★ Senior Class gift to the school

Senior Dues are not mandatory and are NOT required to graduate in May, but we want to encourage you to pay them so you don’t miss out on the fun!

 Pay Dues Here


Yearbook Photo at Prestige Houston Studio Schools (281.897.8300)

Mark your calendars for your senior portrait dates! Your senior year is almost here, we want to celebrate this occasion with your unique senior portrait in the school yearbook. Prestige Portraits is the official photographer for Spring High School.  You must have an appointment to get your picture taken.

Book Photo Session


Meet the Lions, Friday, August 6, 2021 at 7pm

Leonard George Stadium

Lighting up for the Class of 2022